'While the poor people sleeping...'Pic: Gavin Martin
'While the poor people sleeping...'Pic: Gavin Martin

Here are Marianne and Patmo from new outfit Country Dirt  –  live music guests at Talking Musical Revolutions Volume 3 Which was held at Filthy McNasty’s Pub in London on Tuesday October 13th.

A lively evening of talking, great music and  a little drinking, hosted by FRock’s Gavin Martin and Family friend  John Robb, TMR3 featured great readings from the legendary Chris Salewicz (Bob Marley), the unparalelled Paolo Hewitt (Steve Marriott) and the  incomparable Zoe Street Howe (The Slits) and the best DJing in town from Ian ‘Top Ranking’ McCann.

As they’ve been playing music together and apart from over 40 years Patmo (Belfast, Big Self , John Wayne Army )and Marianne (Bill Callahan, Dragstripper, The Camarillos) have both chequered and eventful Rock Family Trees.

We’d like to invite them to fill in the DETAILS that would  feature in their Rock Family Tree.

No need for Pete style calliagraphy – just the text,  salient facts and any notable (short) stories.

Perhaps YOU  would like to  do the same. Everyone has a Rock Tree Story to tell…

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