We Took Manchester

Oh Manchester, so much to answer for! Well, that’s what The Smiths said and here we are with our Rock Family Trees about Manchester’s Heady Days. Report back from the northern frontier, end of day one: been great really. Me and Gill arrived to be welcomed by Scarlet’s efficiency beyond the realms and not only were we ship-shaped and Bristol fashion at 9am, she also reported the first interest from a Tree purchaser at 10.15am!

We are legion!

Even though this is the first In The City I’ve been at this century some things remain unchanged and the first couple of panels that I attended could easily have been the same ones I heard ten years ago. However, what certainly would have stopped Tony Wilson from turning in his grave was the brilliant panel about the story of Creation Records and the subsequent film that Danny O’Connor has made about it. With Mark Gardener from Ride (also an artist that me and Andy signed in his amazing group Animal House) along with Steve Lamacq and Tim and Chris Abott provided a rock n roll panel that was all about the greatness of the dysfunctional Family Tree. Naturally, being able to share with the ensemble the hitherto unseen and unpublished ‘Creation Records’ Rock Family Tree it felt that we were more than just a kindred spirit in the story telling of one of the greatest ever record labels.

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