Krystin Cummins, Gary Stonadge - ROTTING HILL GANG
Alexia Collen, Gary Stonadge - ROTTING HILL GANG

Just a short walk from Ladbroke Grove, in Thorpe Close, underneath the fabled Westway, The Inn On The Green has been at the centre of the Family of Rock vibe – in deed and fact – for several seasons.
Mick Jones/Tony James Carbon Silicon residency – culminating with a show featuring the offspring of such elders as Stan Brennan (producer, The Pogues Red Roses For Me), Jem Finer (Pogues) , Chris Salewicz (writer, Marley/ Strummer biographer) – was a beautiful summation of The IOTG credo.
Lovely owners Dave and Tina, great characters among the regulars, beautiful bar staff, outdoor smoking balcony, a hang out area with table football, great dancefloor and stage all make IOTG a venue with a variety and freedom rare in London nowadays.
A place to be cherished.

Last night Alan Clayton’s Dirty Strangers where the main reason for going and they didn’t disappoint.
But, as per usual, The Inn presented many other delights.
The Strangers From West 12 to Wittering album is one of my favourite kick ass rock n roll records of the years.
Alan made a large part of the record with his longtime (28 years and counting) pal and sometime songwriting collaborator Keith Richards.
South Of The River, Bad Girls and the Keith co-write ‘She’s A Real Botticell rock up a proverbial storm on record and onstage.
The killer diller closer Whatcha Gonna Do (About It) – finding the dancefloor link tween MGS Memphis and Small Faces Metropolitan Mod – had the previously footshy audiences up an at it.
Alan, builder by trade is a granite chisseled rockhero right through to his heartcentre. And he’s now living like “5 summers have come at once” with a new album now in the works with Detroit counter cultural hero/ ex MC5 manager and Vernacular Blues Poet/Historian John Sinclair.
Yu can get a blast of The Strangers’ recorded sound here :
Nice to reconnect with Alan’s manager Ian Grant who I aint happened upon since he was working with Alan Outside Organization Edwards.
Ian nearly did what we are doing now with Pete a few years ago and was gracious enough to wish us best of luck.
Was also great to see Gary Lammin and his guitar playing partner for the evening (eek I forget the name, write in an tell us Gazzer).
They started the evening – the stripped down setting marking em out as mechanics in the rock n roll engine room – summoning up and super/fine tuning the riffs to take you out onto the the immortal eternal highway stretches from Chuck Berry to Hendrix, from The Stones to the Clash and onward.
Love it when their fastidious fret board six string breakdown and build ups takes place and you are right there in the music and you can fill in the beats with stomping feet and hollered harmonies of your own.
Gary is a face I seen around longtime so it was excellent to find his rock roll pedigree is a real living currency.
The DJ had lined up some soulful Marvin mongst the firey rockin blues sounds ahead of the Rotting Hill Gang , apt considering the outfit’s vocal trump card.
Commandered by MIck Jones pal Gary RHG are like The IOTG houseband – their inspirational cross cultural mash up of Dickensian music hall hip hop agitrock country and four to the floor funky soul was lifted into another realm by the beautiful looking, amazing sounding singer Goddess Alexia Collen.
The only dampener on the whole evening was the attention being paid to a certain pig faced ogre on the IOTG Plasma screen in the front bar.
Unfortunately the DJ wasn’t given directive to blast this ever relevant tune from 1977 Dublin punks Radiators From Space

But the scene on the Green was still peachy keen.


  1. Family Friend Gary Lammin has contacted us via an other social networking site to say…

    “Hi Gavin, thats a very good bit of research and writing that you are involved with there…well done its very impressive. When you saw me play at IOTG thats was not my full band so…. Id like you therefore to go to
    “please by all means add my comments oh and the other guitarist with me that night was Darrell Bath (ex Ian Hunter band,Mott The Hoople )


  2. Hey Gavin, thank you very much for your comments, on the RHG.. Hope you don’t mind, but Just wanted to let you know that Krysten Cummins didn’t perform that evening, it was Alexia.


  3. Hi Alexia!
    Yes how dreadful of me, terrible name memory come into play there.
    BUT it should show up as Alexia now in the photo caption – though, you just remind me, I need to change it the name in the copy too.
    Thanks, look forward to the next time!


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