We’re not, at present, able to show all the Pete’s Rock Family Trees.
Even so it seems appropriate to point out some of the most recent Trees Pete has completed.
The following have now been digitised (a process which Pete, with his characteristic painstaking attention to detail, has been toiling on for many months) and are available in our signed and numbered 1-100 limited edition (see Shop).
Please note that, where applicable, the following updated and redrawn Trees differ significantly from those featured in the Omnibus Book.

1 Surf City Here We Come
Finished in July 2002 this is twice as wide as most Pete’s Rock Family Trees .
Its focus is Californian surf-rock bands of the early Sixties, including the Beach Boys, Dick Dale& the Deltones, The Chantays, The Surfaris, The Turtles, The Belairs, The Challengers and more. It previously appeared only in a small circulation Los Angeles magazine, the definitive passport to wig out beach Parties, Big guitar action and Mister Dick Dale…

2 Fairport Convention
Finished in March 2002 this is an up to date account of the most important British Folk Rock outfit of their era. Featuring guitar Gods Martin Carthy, Richard Thompson, the unimpeachable Sandy Denny the story stretches from the band’s 1965 inception to their current line-up. It previously appeared in the limited edition Free Reed box set:
3 Iron Maiden
Updated in 2001 this is the definitive account of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal kingpins.

5 Suede
As Britpop frontrunners the Brett Anderson Bernard Butler fronted band’s Tree provides a chequered history.
Completed for Suede’s management company in November 2001 the Tree includes McAlmont & Butler, Elastica, Blue Aeroplanes.
The limited prints are already selling; The Suede Rock Family Tree is previously unpublished.


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