That’s Stephen Stills recorded in 1969, on the same Dick Cavett Show that featured Jefferson Airplane and  Joni Mitchell.

Look close and you can see the mud of Woodstock on Stephen’s jeans.

What do you mean on his genes too?

Stephen Stills was, is, a massive talent  -born Dallas Texas 3rd January 1945 this military brat had lived all over – Houston, Illinois, Louisiana, Gainsville and Tacoma Florida, Panama and Costa Rica BEFORE he jacked in his studies to become a folk singer in New Orleans in 1963.

Ten years after this clip was recorded Pete Frame interviewed Stills for The Crosby Stills Nash and Young Family Tree (Researched and drawn April 1979).

In the interview he recalled one of the most significant relationships he had forged in those bygone days – when the late 60s blurred into the early 70s and fear and paranoia hung over the land.

“I followed Jimi Hendrix around so much people thought we were fags, or that I was some kind of groupie….”

A fag groupie? A Boy From Dallas, Texas? Whoever heard of such a thing?

“…but all I was doing was taking guitar lessons.”

And how! Stills career is soon to be celebrated in a Rhino Records Compilation. Find out more here

About time too!
Stills work is too often overshadowed by his prolific, sometime colleague/ally/rival/nemesis  Neil Young.
Already, in 1979 , Young is noted , by Frame,  to have “a wealth of unreleased tracks languishing in his bank vault”.
Hence the arrival this year of
Neil Young: Archives, Vol. 1: 1963-1972 [10 Disc Box Set + Book] – merely the first in an installment that will cover his later years.
In 1979, ever mercurial, Stills had embarked on a long tour with a new band – Bonnie Bramblett, George Perry, Dallas Taylor, Mike Finnigan and Jerry Tolman.
It was to be a tour totally upstaged by a drunken snotty Brit – Elvis Costello who came out with some grossly inappropriate and subsequently apologised for words about Ray Charles in a bar room fight when Stephen collided with Costello’s Armed Forces Tour.
Upstaged once again ? Perhaps. Stills told me , when I interviewed him in summer 2001, before the release of the stupendous Buffalo Springfield Boxset

“The drugs came in very quickly, they became a problem very quickly too.”
But never enough to dampen down Stills extraordinary touch and fire filled soul.

A Family Tree constituent – still capable of rocking the roots of Americana.

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