Family of Rock … who’s stepping up next?

Families rely on children to extend their reach. Rock may have been latterly appropriated as a generic marketing term but was originally synonymous with vibrant, disruptive and inventive sounds.

With that in mind here’s Liam and George – two  younger family members – to tell us about the  sounds currently making the running – in London and elsewhere.

Liam and George at work
Liam and George at work

“We, along with our friend Ben Leadbetter have grown up together, playing in guitar bands and performing gigs at school. We discovered dubstep after hearing the ‘Box of Dub’ Dubstep compilation and hearing Rusko’s ‘Cockney Thug’ on a myspace profile. Since then we have produced our own tunes and started to build a name as DJ’s playing at some of Londons iconic clubs such as Mass in Brixton and the Russian in Shoreditch as well as playing Underage Festival alongside some of the biggest names in the genre.

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In the darkest corners of South London a whole new musical movement has been brewing, and is finally bursting its head out of the underground clubs and making people listen. A movement that owes as much to Sly and Robbie and other Island Legends as it does to the rave scene of the 80’s and 90’s, and that week in week out leaves clubs full of people skanking till the small hours.

Born in Croydon at the turn of the century, Dubstep, as the name suggests, is the illegitimate child of the London 2-step garage scene and the bass heavy vibes of dub. Despite these obvious influences Dubstep takes elements from a total mash up of genre’s, from Break Beat and Drum n Bass to House and Electro and even elements of minimalism and jazz. The same can be said for your average Dubstep fan – there is no “average Dubstep fan”. Dubstep attracts people from all cultures, creeds, and classes, in a way that no other type of music does. For those of us too young to claim punk, acid house or jungle as our own, Dubstep truly is the genre our generation can say it invented.

Although most Dubstep is the same speed, around 140 bpm, its wide range of influences mean it is a broad genre. This variety has allowed for labels to develop their own clear styles, the big ‘wobble’ bass sounds heard throughout Dub Police’s discography, the heavily grime influenced tunes released on Tempa and the darker more minimal tones found on labels like Hyperdub and Soul Jazz. With these pioneering labeles and nights like Fwd>> firmly engraved in underground history, artists such as Drum & Bass heavy weights Chase and Status, and Dubstep’s own prince, Skream, are pushing Dubstep into the main stream. The Skream remix of La Roux’s ‘In For The Kill’ not only put Dubstep in the limelight, but helped launch La Roux’s career. In the past year the Dubstep phenomenon has been gathering even more steam, crossing further and further into the mainstream, with everyone from Snoop Dogg to White Lies getting involved with Dubstep tracks.

Established Artists

Skream –

Tes La Rok –

Caspa –

Cotti –

Ramadanman –

Ones to look out for

James Blake –


We are Dubist –

Flatline –

By Liam Hawke and George Walker (Dubstep producers and DJ’s)

2 thoughts on “Family of Rock … who’s stepping up next?

  1. Looking good! It’s nice to see some young folk up here too! If you didn’t make it to Outlook this year, you should get out next. Loving the myspace. x


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