Had a lovely, virtual chance meeting with Judy Dyble, original Fairport Convention vocalist prior to Sandy Denny, over on a certain social networking site.
Judy had a fascinating post Fairport career taking in stints with such talents as Lol Coxhill, Jackie McAuley and Robert Fripp before settling down to work as a librarian and run a tape duplication business.
Invites to perform with Fairport at Cropedy brought the music making urge back into her life however and you can hear samples of her latest album – featuring many of her former collaborators here :
Click here for more the samples
Judy’s stint in Fairport was brief but it did get recorded for posterity in this poor quality but musically fascinating clip.

Titled Resolving The Fairport Confusion Pete’s original Fairport Convention Tree was researched and drawn while suffering from a runny nose in 1979.
Its the updated version, completed in 2002 for the Fairport Boxset, that features in our limited print run.
Looking at the original I was struck by the dedication to the band and the late Sandy Denny – not only does Pete credit them with getting him into journalism he also says the benefit concert they played in 1969 insured that his mag, Zig Zag stayed a going concern and was still going strong 10 years later.
A significant band in more ways than one. And , of course, Sandy Denny, well…

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