More gigs, please, upstairs at Shoreditch’s OLd Blue Last, its just round the corner from me.
Last night I arrived to find the lovely Zoe Street Howe had been sonically savaged – in the nicest possible way – by the then just finishing support act Wild Geese.
Next up was The Stravinsky Duo – Will Butterworth and Dylan Howe, simply two of the most thrilling musicians you can see in London, or anywhere.
Dylan drums with The Blockheads and Wilko Johnson, his dad is Yes legend Steve Howe.
He’s Zoe’s husband, he has a rhythm heart of fire and blood and , of course, checks the incredible Dennis Davis as one of his drumming avatars.
Another project he has involves a recasting of the, Dennis Davis drummed on, classic David Bowie album Low.
I don’t know much about Stavinsky, cept what Chris Huston, formerly of The Undertakers – as featured in Pete Frame’s Liverpool 1963 The Cavern Kids Tree – told me bout spending afternoons with the great man talking about music with in LA in the mid 60s.
Coz, apart from shooting the band’s bassist in the head , with an air rifle – they still get together and laugh about it, Chris was an engineer on Van’s Blowin Your Mind album and the first Led Zep album. And he dated Stravinsky’s daughter.
Talking to Dylan and Will after the set Dyl mused on how its easy to think of Stravinsky as a figure from another era.
But he was evidently blindingly brilliantly contemporary.

Will and Dyl
Will and Dyl

And, fuck, mining the faultline where Stravinsky’s revolutionary classical bred chi met jazz explosion and rock insurrect, this Duo are HOT!
Such intense joy and interplay tween the array of sticks and brushes The Gretsch logoed bass drum and the Will’s amazing spindle ivory jabbing digits and the ever febrile, earth humming and thrumming Rhodes.
Personally it was a salutory lesson for me in what music can do.
Had a bit of a frustrating day one way or another.
But the edge of the cliff, feel so alive, sound they created, a calamatious confluence of climactic endings – each one immediately followed by a window opened onto a glorious new vista – put it all in perspective.
THIS not THAT is what matters.
And then, there at the kill spoken word artist, alto sax honker, James Chance and The Blacks or The Whites and Defunkt alike/ affiliated, man from out of the 80s – Ted Blurt Milton.

Ted - the light shines on and out of him
Ted - the light shines on and out of him

Fronting the hottest 3 piece since Cream called it a day or got back together or Kraftwerk hit the autobahn or the Magi headed out to Bethlehem or Jimi and The Experience
Jeeeesuz whata guitarist and drummer and Ted most be hotter now than ever.
As the young kids danced downstairs to retro metrosexual glossy synth sounds of the decade I was thinking that THIS – and nights at the Lyceum with Clock DVA and Cabaret Volitaire and Being Boiled with The Human League and the atttritional exuberance of New Yorkers like Material or West Londoners like Rip Rig and Panic – was , for me , what the 80s were all about.
And what the ever present ever burning now is about too.

3 thoughts on “MILTON PARADISE STILL HERE 5/11/09

  1. And a salutory lesson in what words can do!
    Fantastic, fiery blogging, Gavin, perfect for summing up such a blistering night of music.


  2. That Ted guy looks a lot like Stuart Lee in that photo. Not a great musical observation by my part, but an observation nonetheless. x


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