Anne Pigalle one of the first artists signed to ZTT records  has had a lively career and now the greatest accolade – she is the first of what we hope will be hundreds – thousands, endless numbers of – musicians to answer the Family Of Rock Questionnaire. Pass it on, send your submissions in here or to me

And now onto the Questionnaire…and Anne

Anne in Hollywood
Anne in Hollywood

Where and when were you born

Some time ago, in the mountains in France

How might people have heard of you without meeting you

Through my work with Trevor Horn and many others as a singer. Through the Michael Hoppen Gallery for my photography, through the press i had – through my website, and through my reputation…

What’s your earliest musical memory

The musical intro to “The Third Man” on TV – I rushed from the kitchen to the living room – or the musical theme to the tv series “Zorro” – not sure which one came first.

When did you first play an instrument

About the age of 15 – a big red epiphone guitar – punk time ( i thought it was too late to learn anything as my girlfriend was a talented classical pianist )

What was the first instrument you owned

See above

What and where was your first public appearance

As a child, in a Moliere (French playwright ) play ( Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme ) at school, 1/i played the “mufti”, dressed as a turkish man, and singing Turkish as a back up vocalist, with the band of some friends at “le palace” paris . As Anne Pigalle, The Embassy Club, London

How did it go

I was petrified the 3 times, I’m glad that was a long time ago

What was the specific appeal of the music you were into and/or the music you played then

The fact that it needed no musical education and you just had to use your flair to get by

Tell me about your musical education

I had none apart from been in the school choir and being told i had a golden voice – but my dad was a double bass player in the St Germain des pres years, playing Django Reinhardt type of music when he was young

Who was the first musician you met who you had admired from afar

Humm,i think the first boy i slept with…, he was a talented guitarist.

What was it like meeting them

Fun… and sexual

What advice would you give to any young folk going on the musical path

There are 2 kinds of people: those who want and expect things to come straight away,those who are ready to dedicate their live’s for what they love – make sure you know which one you are…

Music has the same root as magic tell us a few, as many as you like, magical music experiences you’ve had

Tough question-one forgets with years going by…
I find singing and music always fix things ( in love or practical matters ) so it has a pragmatic magic as well – hard to talk about magic and music without mentioning drugs –
but lets say that singing and music has always brought to me what I desired – that’s magic enough!
Music to me is all sounds – including silence and your heart beat . But I will say that I have a very strong voice and that perhaps saved my life.

I had an apartment in paris and I was followed one night – a stranger walked behind me in my building and said at my back: ” don’t shout..cause if u shout…”, so I screamed as much as i could…
Any regrets

Of course not, things get better and better and the unexpected is always around the corner
( Maybe one thing I regret: not having sung a James Bond soundtrack,yet! ). And of course not having made the music film i was going to make with Donald Cammell, but his spirit will be in the project, should it succeed

What music would like played…

On your Birthday
“Perfect Day”, Lou Reed

On Thanksgiving Day

Frank Sinatra  It Was a Very Good Year

At your funeral


David Bowie My Death and Peggy Lee Is That All There Is (my favourite)

Your three favourite drum breaks/raps/vocal performances/guitar break/bass lines/horn arrangement (your own or/ and others – delete where applicable or fill em all in)

Velvet Underground Venus in Furs
The Doors Riders On the Storm
Orson Welles: Anything with his voice is a groove
John Barry The Persuaders
There are plenty more

Fave gigs or recording sessions you have been involved in

1/Mexico recent shows 2009 – so smooth
2/My amerotic salons 2007 ( performances with a sexual content ), at the late Colony Room( Francis Bacon club )
3 Japanese TV – 80’s where they made a set where it looked like crows were flying around the stage
4 Chateau Marmont LA 90’s ( i discovered later on that edith piaf had sung there ) – 2 of my famous ex boyfriends turned up unexpectedly and Courtney Love asked :”Who’s that girl ?” What a set!

5/Barcelona for getting 6 encores at 3am – 80’s

Anything else you wanna say?

Ask me again in 5 years time

Thank you Anne!

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