THE FINAL OF THE FIRST EVER Family of Rock/Geronimo Pub Quiz was held last night, 181109 at the legendary Elgin Pub Ladbroke Grove  – not the Elgin in Maida Vale our pals from Lord Palmerston inadvertently fetched up at but the Geronimo chain’s flagship west London live music, pub and eating establishment.

And so  it happenned that the winning team, The Elgin Eggheads, actually secured the first prize on the night –  a mouthwateringly beautiful, signed and personally dedicated, limited edition hot babe…

Oh no, sorry that is our boss, Scarlet –  its what she’s holding in her hot little hands that was the  prize – a signed, limited edition Crimson and Roxy Family  Tree.

See it and weep, guys n gals.

I know I did.

Ecstatic Elgin Eggheads get their Signed Crimson and Roxy Tree From Scarlet
Ecstatic Elgin Eggheads get their Signed Crimson and Roxy Tree From Scarlet

To mark the venue’s historic place in Joe Strummer’s career we asked  our live guests – The Wutars, Galelee and Country Dirt – to put a little Clash tribute into their short sets.

They did so, most agreeably.

The Wutars kicked things off with a blisteringly confident acoustic salvo , their first gig of the evening before racing across town to play in Kings Cross. Their choice of Strummer favourite, Eddy Grant’s ever timely Equals classic Police On My Back, seized the moment, rocking hard and free.

After Eugene Manzi mastered the quiz there was more music before the results. Galelee,  comprising Siskin’s Galen Ayers and Lee  McDougall, honoured us by playing their first ever gig featuring pointed originals and a canny and participatory Guns Of Brixton.

Galen has got strong Rock Family Tree genes through her dad Kevin , great English psychedelic iconoclast/Soft Machine stalwart ,and she’s extending it every which way – solo, with Lee in Galelee and Kirsty in Siskin and the everythingisabenefit charity.

Lee and Galen. How you gonna come?
Lee and Galen. How you gonna come?

The crowd on the night included many friendly faces from the previous heats, writer Paolo Hewitt, video director Pedro Rhomanyi, guitarist promo director Chris Chesney, the irrepressible Tracy Winchester, Nuala, that lovely bloke who used to work at Virgin and who took me (and a bunch of freeloading journos) out for lobster at the start of The Rolling Stones tour in Boston 4 years ago.

Nice to see you all!

And to close the evening came the amazing Country Dirt. I’m biased, of course. But they are great AND they got people dancing.


So  great was the music and so good the chat afterwards that I ALMOST could forgive The Elgin ipod for –  not once but twice! –  breaking the cardinal rule of ANY venue with its eyes set  on rock glory – NO COLDPLAY ON THE SOUNDSYSTEM.

Still a good time was had by All (All Green that is, brother of Al).

Lets do it agin, y’all.


4 thoughts on “…AND FINALLY – THE FINAL!

  1. gavin, you and it was amazing! congrats must go to mark wood, john geddes, paul mcghee, iain baker, phillipa tandy and adam sutherland – the winning elgin eggheads. i’d like to add special commendation to ‘the family twee’ who came second by only two points, and to be fair there was only two of them… they were *this* close to winning the signed crimson and roxy print that would have had a sense of justice about it, as they love dem choons. however they were heat winners at the eagle, and with that and the prize for finishing second last night it will make sure their livers suffer majorly….

    bands come. bands go. the bands that played last night (and i mean all 3) were of such a high quality that it nearly got me reaching for my a&r cheque book that i promised myself i’d hung up some time ago. with no sense of irony if i was still doing it i would have signed them all – but would have been looking for a discount for the job lot, natch…..

    i loved it. gill loved it. scarlet loved it. alf loved it. kirsty loved it (repeat to fade) which means we’re gonna go back jack and do it again


  2. Gavin, a big thank you to you and Eugene for a rockin’ quiz. And to The Wutars, Galelee and Country Dirt for all their fabulousness! Brilliant musicians who would have made it a great night, with or without us! Big up the Geronimo Massive – namely Kirsty and Alf. xx


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