The light pours out...Johny and Inga
The light pours out...Johny and Inga

Thats Johny and Inga from The Band of Holy Joy – or, if you prefer, North Shields and Latvia – lining up the music at the inaugural night of their new club at The Buffalo Bar right below The Famous Cock Tavern beside Highbury Islington.

What a night with excellent live music from Jamie Jamieson (12 Dirty Bullets)  doing an acoustic set and Country Dirt fronted by the sensational Marianne Hyatt (I am biased but thats what other people said too!).

Dele Fadele and myself helped out with the DJing,the legend that is Chris Carr  helped set up the night and a big thanks to Michael who runs the Buffalo Bar (sister venue is The Lexington corner of Penton St and Pentonville Rd). Buffalo was actually set up as a jazz club in the 50s and holds some of the inimitable magic with similarly vintage’d, concrete’d, basemente’d club The 100 Club.

Here’s a selection of the sort of songs that were played

on the night.

More next month, come on by.


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