Merry Rockin’ Christmas to and from The Family!

So this is it, my last day in the office until 2010 and in fact the last day of our first year as the wonderful Family of Rock. And what a year!

That day in January seems like a good long time ago now. I guess 11 months is at the relatively young age of 25! I walked into a strange, cluttered and slightly mad basement office on Buckingham Place on Monday 12th January 2009. There was not much I had to learn before starting my new job at Family of Rock as the company was only in its first day. There was, of course, the incredibly beautiful sum of 40 years’ work by a certain Mr Frame (and a business plan), with which I began to familiarise myself with. This was at first slightly overwhelming and I’m sure there were points when time seemed to disappear and I would get lost in Rock Family Trees.

Since our first Family of Rock dinner that night much has grown and much has changed. Not only did we move to an office upstairs (perhaps one of the least interesting points to recall when looking back on the year!), but I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with fantastic Family and Family Friends! Of course some things remain the same as day one – our office is still strange, cluttered and slightly mad.   

Thank you to everyone who has made 2009 such an enjoyable year and to those of you who will make the next even better. 

Merry Christmas! xx


p.s. I am off on me holidays tomorrow and will not be returning until the first week of January. Would anyone like to bother Ben? He’ll be at home pretending to be me over the holidays so please do get in touch with him if there’s anything you need, don’t need or would like to say. His email is  Alternatively, drop me a line at and I’ll get back to you in 2010! x

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