oooh last night!

so, we rocked up at The Three Blind Mice in Ravey Street last night to witness our very own Gavin Martin’s excellent Talking Musical Revolutions. The 6th in the ever-growing innovative talking shop, this one was packed packed packed to the rafters with sweating-room only. The venue was apposite (sp?) and appropriate, being reminiscent of sheeben’s of old (particularly reminded me of The Globe, the classic 80’s stayback in Ladbroke Grove) and is something of a weird subteranean shrine to Stevie Wonder. This wasn’t about the former 12 year old blind genius though. This was about the wonder of Hendrix. Some bill Gavin had put together though, and on the very day of the first anniversary of The Family of Rock’s foundation it was great to be in the company of Moore’s Scarlet and Suzanne, Gill, Elaine Collins, Marianne and the UK Youth team (of which I suspect we’ll be hearing considerably more about in the very near future on this very channel).  Amongst what was a vertiable stellar cast of perspectives provided by experts and specialists there were suprising stand-outs, and whilst Charles Sheer Murder and David Stubbs were excellent and informative as one would expect a real headturner came from an unexpected source – poet Anna Le.  By her own admission she was a naive when it came to James Marshall Hendrix and her composition of barely two weeks old, specially commissioned for the evening gave a wonderful lyrical insight and flow through the eyes of discovery that really encapsulated so much about what we may now overlook through over exposure.   She completely articulated how amazing it must be to discover a fresh. A true music revolution.  Neil Spencer astrologically did for JMH, and whilst he acknowledged the silently sceptical and smug majority, with one beautiful comment he certainly made the case “Astrology is not for everyone.  It’s for poets and lovers!”   Kinda great that.  Very special mention though to the piece that kicked it off – Gavin Martin’s reading of Keith Altham’s exclusive piece specially for TMR.   Now that’s what I call incisive and informative.  Really what the whole evening was about.    Couldn’t end this without plaudits to both Jeff Dexter, perhaps best described as very moving,  and the musical accompliament provided by the huge talent that is Gemma Ray.   If I were you, and of course I’m not,  I’d at the very least join Talking Musical Revolutions group on facebook and beg Gavin for a transcript…

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