Didnt get to Jack White’s shop, missed Cortney Tidwell supporting Features, didnt make it to Country Music Hall Of Fame but oh by giddy up a ding ding dong being in Nashville makes me want to write a country song.

The excellent Sally and Jon Tiven took me out to see a secret gig by Kenny Neal  soul blues guitar ace doing the lusty communal heiritage of the big hearted Blues legend who gave the name to the BB King venue he was playing downtown Nashville extra proud.

kenny neal

Great crowd in the room and Kenney came round singing accapella, generates big feeling, the real music thing going on flowing through him.

The Features rocked like mothers in big heat the night ebfore.

I was just getting used to it all, hanging at Grimeys for sounds and goss, talking to the big Bearlike  maestro Marky Nevers getting a priveleged peak into all sorts of creatives worlds.

Then it was time to go but Ima gonna be back.

So many scenes here and I aint taken but one photo  s’all in the mind , innit.


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