Osibisa, the brilliant band who define the title category of  this post , are 40 years old – and in blisteringly feel good, musically astute and astounding form on a joyful event Saturday night , 270209 in the foyer, beside the Purcell Rooms on The South Bank.

Vile rumours emanating from the very bowels of government talk of plans afoot to sell off great swathes of the publically owned South Bank complex, including The Purcell Rooms and the foyer.

This would be yet another scandal against any ‘real art for the people’ policy our failed public servants may aspire to.


Pete may have not done an Osibisa, who collaborated with Tree stalwart Ginger Baker in the 70s, Tree but they gave Frame a perfect credo onstage when they said.

“Every village has a big tree people gather round. Its where the vibes come from.”

And where the Griot spins his tales, Frames them vibes.

This Our Culture, Our Joy.

TBC  (To Be Cherished)

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