‘Iron Man’ Michael Burks at Biscuits and Blues

So I just happen to be in San Francisco at the moment, staying round the corner from a small club called Biscuits and Blues. Thought I’d pop in to see what was on. A few days later and it would have been Maria Muldour, putting her camel to bed, but instead it was ‘Iron Man’ Michael Burks and his band. Steamy straight down the middle blues, bit of B.B. King, but with Carlos Santana-like sustain, over a swirling hammond organ and a solid rhythm section. A great way to spend a couple of hours, especially when accompanied by seafood jambalaya. You might think not much of a tree connection, but a bit of youtubeing reveals something rather unlikely: an ‘Eric Clapton versus Michael Burks’ comparison, in which Burks is judged by the video’s creator to come out better. If you do watch this please remember that I did not choose the images to go with the Burks track, which comes in at about 3.00 mins.

For the sake of those of a sensitive disposition, I’m just going to give you a link rather than embedding the video clip. And if you just want to hear clips of the music follow the Amazon link below through to the MP3 store.

2 thoughts on “‘Iron Man’ Michael Burks at Biscuits and Blues

  1. Weren’t you a lucky boy to have stumbled across Michael Burks? I’ve been following him for years and think he’s the BOMB!


  2. Pretty lucky, I agree! I’d definitely see him again. A bit of a showman as well as a great player. He looks and sounds like he was born to play and sing the blues.


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