Space Ritual: Chislehurst, Wigan, London and More

Space RitualAt Family of Rock we are always very keen to keep up with the current activities of Tree Dwellers. Hawkwind’s Nik Turner, Terry Ollis, Mick Slattery, and Thomas Crimble, stars of the Hawkwind Rock Family Tree who now head up Space Ritual, have a number of gigs planned for the coming months. Or, as they prefer to put it themselves:

Greetings all beings of all energy vibrations of all dimensions.

Things you should know!

The SPACE☆RITUAL was formed 2001AD, coalescing through time and space by populace demand, and psychic desire and need, to revive lost magic, lost music, lost flames.

The SPACE☆RITUAL will be making rare physical manifestations on the material plane at focal energy points near you, with the return of the Otherworld Seven, changed but still the same, metamorphosed into other forms and entities, all moving with the spirit, having experienced mythic visions and transformations in the Otherworld, and adventures in other realities and dimensions.

You are invited to bring your powerful energies to harmonise and raise our collective consciousness, get high together, powering the SPACE☆RITUAL interdimensional ship of which we are all part, through bizarre experiences and perceptions, uniting the tribes, transcending race, colour, language, religion, politics, we are all from a common source, all our mythologies are one, one tribe, one world, one love, be there or be square.

Check them out here.

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