Rock Family Trees: New Range of Posters

Responding to popular demand we have introduced a new range of Rock Family Tree posters, the little sisters of the fine art prints. They are smaller than the signed prints, but still a good size at A2 – around 600mm by 400mm on 120 gms paper. This month we introduce our first five; The Flowers of Romance, Liverpool 1980, Hawkwind, Deep Purple, and a special exclusive Grunge tree, which has not appeared in any of the books and so is really something special. Look at them all here.

The posters in this range cost £20 + postage (free postage for orders of any two products or more). And while you’re in the shop, take a look around. We’ve added more trees to be viewed in deep zoom. Only scratching the surface of the range, of course, and we will continue to add more.

Next month we will extend the range of posters with another five. If there is one you would particularly like us to include let us know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Rock Family Trees: New Range of Posters

  1. love the posters, would absolutely buy a poster version of fleetwood mac, eagles, stones, beatles etc. Hope you print them soon. I remember reading the encyclopedia back in my youth and loving the trees..


  2. Jamie – hope you will be pleased to hear that we have just taken delivery of Beatles, Stones, Clapton, and Madchester 1 and 2. Will be in the shop in the next couple of days. More to follow next month.


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