And Then There Were Ten!!

We’ve added our second batch of five posters to the range. Madchester 1 and 2, Evolution of the Beatles, Kinks Stones and Pretties, and Clapton. Even more to follow soon(ish) but in the meantime see what takes your fancy here.

£20 per poster, with free delivery on orders of two or more. The same deal – and the same shipping price for one poster – for customers in the USA.

And on that subject it is time to reveal the winner of our summer quiz: congratulations to Jeremy Horwitz of San Francisco who recognised Pete’s unusual lines from the The Prog-Rock Years: Yes, ELP & Asia tree. Jeremy chose the Grunge poster for his prize, and it is probably somewhere over the Atlantic as I write.

Don’t forget if the fine art prints are more to your taste a selection can be viewed here although more than 100 are currently available if you have hankering for something else.

Finally, if you want to keep up with our special offers and announcements, sign up for our newsletter here. We will soon be offering special deals exclusively through the newsletter.

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