Homicide: Life On the Street and Grunge


I know we are still, officially, in the height of summer, but it won’t be long before the nights start drawing in. And here is the problem. You’ve long finished the Sopranos. The Wire, the world’s best ever social science fiction, has run its course. Mad Men is stylish fun but over too soon. So what do you do now? Here is our answer: the box set of the fabulous Homicide Life on the Street.

At almost £60 it does sound expensive, but for this you get 5,724 minutes of undiluted genius, including a rather nifty sound track, with, among many many others, Tom Waits, Garbage, The Drifters, Anthony and the Imperials, and one of our favourites Buddy Guy’s Feels Like Rain. And not only that, it is said that several of the characters in the second series are named after Grunge musicians. What more could you want?

One thought on “Homicide: Life On the Street and Grunge

  1. I can testify that H:LOTS is indeed worthy of the space it will take up in your box-set pantheon. Of note though is that you can see so many of the embryonic themes that David Simon went on to develop more fully in the Wire: the horse-trading with the media and city hall that gets in the way of police investigations, the flawed cops dealing with the drudgery of ‘the job’, and a starring role for the city of Baltimore.


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