Ellen McIlwaine Anyone?

Sometimes it can be worth pulling out a CD from an old cardboard box just to see what’s on it. In this case the surprising FabricLive.27 mixed by DJ Format, with this astonishingly brilliant version of the Isaac Hayes track ‘Toe Hold’, recorded live in 1972. The FabricLive mix cuts it off after a couple of minutes. It does I suppose, get a bit repetitive (but if that was a reason for cutting the tracks you find on the other Fabric mix CDs there wouldn’t be much left). Anyway have a listen.

Several of the other tracks on the album “Out From the Skies” are also worth a few minutes of your precious time, such as a hyperactive Ode to Billy Joe, a really funky version of the Jack Bruce number ‘Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out of Tune’, and a great gospel Further Along.

Up From The Skies: The Polydor Years - Ellen McIlwaine

Up From The Skies: The Polydor Years – Ellen McIlwaine

The FabricLive mixes don’t seem to be available for download, but the CDs are still around from Amazon, if you’re so inclined. Take a look at the track listing: some really unexpected stuff there.

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