Heroes of The Trees Part Two: Toe Fat

Has there ever been a band with an uglier name than Toe Fat? The only uglier things I’ve come across lately are their two album covers, as depicted on these YouTube videos.

The music – well judge for yourself. Its from that moment in the late sixties when British Blues abandoned soul and decided it was all about a thumping beat and power riffs. This track from Toe Fat One above – The Wherefors and the Whys – still has the groove, while the Toe Fat Two number, Midnight Sun, points to where they would evolve next: Uriah Heep.

But where did they come from? Lead singer was Cliff Bennett, from the Rebel Rousers, most famous for their fabulous version of ‘Got to Get You Into My Life

And why are they heroes of the trees? Because they provide a link between different worlds. You can find them in:

Pirates Tornados And Rebel Rousers
Uriah Heep Colosseum Thin Lizzy
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath TV Tree

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