Heroes of the Trees Part Three: Strange Brew

Not a Cream tribute band, but in their brief flicker of life for a few months (how many, Pete?) in 1975, they managed to link up Humble Pie, Rainbow, Cozy Powell’s Hammer, and Steve Marriot’s All-Stars, appearing in four trees: Faces … All Shapes and Sizes 1966-1979, Rainbow, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Uriah Heep, Colosseum, Thin Lizzy.

Despite the impressive track record of its members – Cozy Powell, Clem (Dave) Clempson and Greg Ridley – the band itself is so obscure it has no individual Wikipedia entry, no sign of a recording, and nothing on Youtube. Did Pete make it all up?

Here’s the best we can do: what is said to be a practice session with Clem Clempson on guitar (anyone recognise his hands?) Cozy Powell on drums, and unidentified others on bass and electric piano. Who’s bedroom are they practicing in?

And not to leave Greg Ridley out, here he is with a great Spooky Tooth number:

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