Rock Family Trees at Gallery Different

Union Jack

Gallery Different, at 14 Percy Street, London W1T IDR, in the centre of the West End, is celebrating the Olympics with an exhibition of art related to London music. And what better than Rock Family Trees? Downstairs in the exhibition you’ll find some of the signed framed limited edition prints, so you can see what they look like in real life. And if they appeal, you can order one from the gallery, to be signed by Pete who will add a personal message if that’s what floats your boat.

The exhibition, has a wealth of really exciting art, including the shocking work of Keith Haynes, former art director on Rock Family Trees TV programme. Shocking not because of the subject matter but he makes his art out of real records made of real vinyl, as in the example above. We are assured that he chooses only unplayable scrap vinyl, but still it is a challenging concept. Go and take a close look for yourself. The exhibition runs to the end of August.

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