Freaks, Geeks and the Grateful Dead

Hands up if you’ve seen Freaks and Geeks? Came across it by chance on Amazon Love Film. A series produced by Judd Apatow starring James Franco and Seth Rogan, who have been in the news for other reasons lately. A charming account of high school life in the 1980s in the overlapping spaces between the Freaks, into Zeppelin, hanging out, soft drugs and just about getting through at school, and the Geeks, into sic-fi, maths and anxiety. It also features the Jocks and Cheerleaders. Many Family of Rock rebels will identify with both the Geeks and the Freaks, though perhaps less so with the Jocks. I refrain from comment about the Cheerleaders.

But the main interest was that it made me listen to Grateful Dead’s album American Beauty perhaps for the first time, but certainly for the first time for decades, which features strongly in one episode. Very calming, which is its role in the plot, after all. And the Dead are there in the trees, of course, which is a perfect excuse for this post.


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