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D.C. & The MBs: Soft Machinery
D.T.s: Dr Feelgood
Dale Roberts & The Jaywalkers: Cavern Kids 5
Dalek 1: Liverpool Renaissance; Liverpool 1980
Dalek I Love You: Liverpool 1980
Damned: Children of the Revolution; Damned and Crucified
Dance Band: Bye Bye Blues Band
Danny Kalb Quartet: Greenwich Village
Danny Kinf & The Mayfair Set: Birmingham Beatsters
Dantalian’s Chariot: Police Antecedents
Darryl Way’s Wolf: Police Antecedents
Dave Edmunds: Give My Regards to Broad Street
Dave Guard & The Calypsonians: Greenwich Village
Dave Harvey & The Cliftons: London R&B Explosion
Dave Kelly Band: Bye Bye Blues Band
Dave Mason: Steve Winwood
Dave Van Ronk’s Ragtime Jug Stompers: Greenwich Village
David Bowie: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; Sabbath TV Tree; Give My Regards to Broad Street
David Crosby Band: CSNY; Kantner, Balin, Casady
David Gilmour Band: Give My Regards to Broad Street
David Johansenn and the Staten Island Boys: Out in the Streets
Dead Boys: Damned and Crucified
Dead or Alive: Liverpool 1980; Liverpool Renaissance
Dead to the World: Suede
Deaf School: Liverpool 1980; Liverpool Renaissance
Death Cult: Cult/Shire Horses
Dee & The Dynamites: Cavern Kids 2
Deep Purple: Deep Purple Outline; Deep Purple; Dio; Gillan; Rainbow; Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; Sabbath TV Tree
Delameres: Cavern Kids 3
Delaney and Bonnie: Clapton; Steve Winwood; Clapton Newer
DeliciousHeady Days in Madchester 1
Delivery: Soft Machinery
Delmont Four: Cavern Kids 4
Deltones: Cavern Kids 6
Dennisons: Cavern Kids 7
Denny Laine & The Diplomats: Birmingham Beatsters; Moody Blues
Deranged Diction: Grunge: The Sound of Seattle
Derek and the Dominoes: Clapton; Steve Winwood; Clapton Newer
Derelicts: The Passions
Derringer: Dio; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; Sabbath TV Tree
Derry and the Seniors: Cavern Kids 1
Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen: Cavern Kids 4
Derry Wilkie & The Others: Cavern Kids 4
Detours: Cavern Kids 2
Deviants: Motorhead & The Pink Fairies
Di’Anno: Iron Maiden
Dian and The Greenbriar Boys: Greenwich Village
Dick Cave & The Bad Cheese: Cult/Shire Horses
Dick Dale: Surf City
Dick Dale and the Deltones: Surf City
Dickies: LA85
Dillard: Byrds of a Feather; Flying Burrito Brothers
Dillard & Clark: Byrds of a Feather; Flying Burrito Brothers; Poco and the Eagles
Dimensions: Cavern Kids 7
Dio: Dio; Deep Purple Outline Rainbow; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; Sabbath TV Tree
Dions: Cavern Kids 6
Dire Straits: Clapton Newer
Dirty Shames: Maldaur Garrett Keith and Rooney
DMZ: Lyres
Docker Hill Boys: Flying Burrito Brothers
Doctors of Madness: Damned and Crucified
Dog Soldier: Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack
Dogs: Bye Bye Blues Band
Dominoes: Cavern Kids 6
Don Adams and the R&B Trio: Albert Lee
Doobie Brothers: Feats, Doobies, Dans
Doofergrass: Cult/Shire Horses
Doomed: Children of the Revolution; Damned and Crucified
Downers: LA85; Rain Parade
Dr Feelgood: Dr Feelgood
Dr Jolly’s Salvation Circus: Liverpool Renaissance
Dr K’s Blues Band: Fairport Convention (Later)
Drains: Creation
Dream Police: Paul McCartney
Dream Syndicate: LA85
Drifters: Drifters
Driver: Dio; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; Sabbath TV Tree
Drunk and Disorderly: Damned and Crucified
Dry City Scat Band: Greenwich Village
Duane Eddy: Bye Bye Blues Band
Ducks: San Francisco 1; CSNY
Ducks Deluxe: Art School DanceThe Pub Rock Afterglow
Dylan Project: Fairport Convention (Later)

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