Fairport Convention 1965-2002

Experts will spot several things about this tree right away. First, it is not the tree Resolving The Fairport Confusion from the Rock Family Trees book. Second, it is in Pete’s much later style (2002). Third, it contains an absurd amount of detail. Fourth, is absolutely huge. For this reason we print it double size, and so is a little more expensive than most of the other trees. But it is worth it. It was originally produced to accompany the box-set Fairport Unconventional in 2002.

The Complete Rock Family Trees

Print and poster prices and further information available here.



The tree includes:
The Brumbeats
Roy Everett’s Blueshounds
Dr K’s Blues Band
Jimmy Cliff’s and the New Generation
Ethnic Shuffle Orchestra
The Uglys
Fairport Convention
The Strawbs
The Exception
The Jet Set
The Way of Life
Free at Last
Ian Campbell Folk Group
Giles Giles & Fripp
Harsh Reality
Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick
Trader Horne
Matthews Southern Comfort
The Beast
Steeleye Span
Sandy Denny
No Roses Band
The Echoes Band
Red Buddha Theatre
Albion Country Band
Cat Stevens
Surrounding Silence
Sour Grapes
Joe Cocker
Michael Garrick
Etchingham Steam Band
Ronnie Lane and Slim Chance
Soft Machine
Albion Dance Band
Albion Band
Jethro Tull
Second Vision
Richard Thompson
Blue Tapestry
The Ridgeriders
Ric Sanders Group
The Dylan Project


Print and poster prices and further information available here.

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