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Mabel Greer’s Toy Shop: Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe; Asia; Yes; The Prog Rock Years
Mad Dogs and Englishmen: Clapton; Joe Cocker
Mad River: San Francisco 2
Madness: Madness
Magazine: Banshees and Buzzcocks; Flowers of Romance; Luxuria
Magic: Dio; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Magic Tramps: Smouldering in the Bowery
Magna Carta: Elton John
Mainhorse: The Prog Rock Years
Makin’ Time: Heady Days in Madchester 1
Malfunkshun: Grunge: The Sound of Seattle
Mama Lion: Elton John
Mamas & Papas: Mamas & Papas/Lovin’ Spoonful; Greenwich Village
Manassas: CSNY Early; CSNY; Elton John
Mandrake Root: Deep Purple Outline; Savages Crusaders and Outlaws
Manfred Mann: Alexis Korner; Bye Bye Blues Band; Clapton Newer
Manfred Mann’s Earthband: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Mann Hugg Blues Brothers: Bye Bye Blues Band
Mansfields: 1967 Blues Boom; Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack
Mark Four: Kinks, Stones and Pretties
Mark Peters & The Cyclones: Cavern Kids 3
Mark Peters & The Method: Cavern Kids 3
Marksmen: Surf City
Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick: Fairport Convention (Later)
Martinis: Cavern Kids 5
Marty Balin Band: Kantner, Balin, Casady Band
Marty Wilde & The Wilde Cats: Cliff & The Shads
Mason and Cass: Steve Winwood
Mass: Art School Dance
Masterminds: Cavern Kids 7
Matching Mole: Soft Machinery
Matthew’s Southern Comfort: Fairport Convention (Earlier); Fairport Convention (Later)
Maze: Deep Purple Outline
McAlmont and Butler: Suede
McGregor’s Engine: 1967 Blues Boom; Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack
McGuinness Flint: Bye Bye Blues Band
Meat Whiplash: Creation
Mecca Band: Paul McCartney
Medalark 11: Heady Days in Madchester 1
Medicine Head: Bye Bye Blues Band; Jeff Beck
Melvins: Grunge: The Sound of Seattle
Memphis 3: Cavern Kids 6
Memphis R&B Combo: Memphis R&B Combo
Merseybeats: Cavern Kids 1; Cavern Kids 7
Merseys With Fruit Eating Bears: Cavern Kids 7
Mescaline Rompers: New Riders of the Purple Sage
Metropolis: Kinks, Stones and Pretties
Michael Garrick: Fairport Convention (Later)
Michael Schenker Group: Rory, UFO, MSG, SAHB
Mick Farren & The Good Guys: Motorhead & The Pink Fairies
Mighty Baby: Art School DanceThe Pub Rock Afterglow
Mike & The Thunderbirds: Cavern Kids 7
Mike Hurst and The Method: Albert Lee
Mike Savage & The Wildcats: Cavern Kids 5
Mike Sheridan & The Nightriders: Birmingham Beatsters
Milk ‘n’ Cookies: Marc Bolan
Mill: Heady Days in Madchester 1
Mindbenders: Give My Regards to Broad Street
Mirage: Elton John
Misfits: Slik Skids Kids Vis Vox and Foxx
Missing Persons: Jeff Beck
Mitchell Trio: Greenwich Village
Moby Grape: San Francisco 1
Models: Art School Dance
Moderates: Liverpool Renaissance
Modern Folk Quartet: Mamas & Papas/Lovin’ Spoonful; Greenwich Village
Modern Lovers: Smouldering in the Bowery
Modettes: Flowers of Romance
Moist: Suede
Mojos: Cavern Kids 1; Cavern Kids 4; Jeff Beck
Monaco: Heady Days in Madchester 2
Mondays: Heady Days in Madchester 1
Mong: Smouldering in the Bowery
Monochrome Set: Art School Dance
Moody Blues: Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe; Birmingham Beatsters; Moody Blues; Yes; The Prog Rock Years
Moraz-Bruford: Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe; Yes; The Prog Rock Years
Moronico: Cult/Shire Horses
Morticians: Smouldering in the Bowery
Mother Love Bone: Grunge: The Sound of Seattle
Mother McCrees Uptown Jug Champions: New Riders of the Purple Sage
Mother’s Army: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Mothers: Mothers
Motorcycle Boy: Creation
Motorhead: Motorhead and Pink Fairies; Rory, UFO, MSG, SAHB
Motors: Art School DanceThe Pub Rock Afterglow
Mott: Good and Bad Company
Mott the Hoople: Good and Bad Company
Move: Birmingham Beatsters
Mr Epp & The Calculations: Grunge: The Sound of Seattle
Mudhoney: Grunge: The Sound of Seattle
Mugwumps: Mamas & Papas/Lovin’ Spoonful; Greenwich Village
Mumbles: LA85
Muscle Shoals: Muscle Shoals
Musical Janeens: Humans & Rezillos
Muskrats: Fleetwood Mac TV Tree
Mustard/Tear Gas: UFO, MSG, SAHB
My Bloody Valentine: Creation
Mynah Birds: Squires and Steppenwolf; CSNY
Mystery Girls: Liverpool 1980; Liverpool Renaissance
Mythology: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; Sabbath TV Tree

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