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P.M.: Asia; E.L.P.; The Prog Rock Years;
P.P. Arnold & The Nice: Asia; The Prog Rock Years; E.L.P.
Pacific: Flowers of Romance
Paddy, Klaus & Gibson: Cavern Kids 6
Paice Ashton & Lord: Deep Purple Outline; Deep Purple; Gillan
Paley Brothers: Smouldering in the Bowery
Pam Cordell & The Whispering Four: 60s Miscellany
Panama Scandal: Bye Bye Blues Band
Paramounts: Procol, Traffic, Family
Paris: Fleetwood Mac TV Tree
Paris Angels: Heady Days in Madchester 1
Paris Valentinos: Heady Days in Madchester 2
Parrish & Gurvitz: Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Passions: The Passions
Pastels: Creation
Patrol: Heady Days in Madchester 2
Patti Smith Group: Smouldering in the Bowery
Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Greenwich Village
Paul McCartney: Paul McCartney
Pawns: Cavern Kids 2
Peace: Gillan; Good and Bad Company
Pearl Jam: Grunge: The Sound of Seattle
Peddlers: Pirates, Tornados, and Rebel Rousers
Pela Tater: Cult/Shire Horses
Pendletones: Surf City
Pentangle: Fairport Convention (Later)
Pete Best Combo: Cavern Kids 2
Pete Gage Band: Dr Feelgood
Pete MacLaine & The Dakotas: Cavern Kids 3
Pete Shelley: Banshees and Buzzcocks; Heady Days of Madchester 2; Luxuria
Peter B’s Looners: Fleetwood Mac; Fleetwood Mac TV Tree; Rod Stewart/Brian Auger
Peter Paul & Mary: Greenwich Village
Philip Jones Brass Ensemble: Give My Regards to Broad Street
Pigboy Charlie Band: Dr Feelgood
PiL: Flowers of Romance
Pine Valley Boys: New Riders of the Purple Sage
Pink Fairies: Motorhead & The Pink Fairies
Pink Floyd: Elton John; Give My Regards to Broad Street; Pink Floyd
Pink Industry: Liverpool Renaissance
Pink Military: Liverpool 1980; Liverpool Renaissance
Pink Torpedoes: Dr Feelgood
Pirates: Pirates, Tornados, and Rebel Rousers
PJ & The Galaxies:Surf City
Plainsong: Fairport Convention (Earlier)
Planets: Liverpool 1980
Plastic Ono Band: The Prog Rock Years
Plastic Penny: Elton John; Procol, Traffic, Family; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Po-Fasis: Cult/Shire Horses
Poco: CSNYPoco and the Eagles
Poet and the One Man Band: Albert Lee
Police: Police Antecedents
Polka Tulk: Sabbath TV Tree; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Poor: Poco and Eagles
Practice: Dr Feelgood
Prag Vec: The Passions
Praying Mantis: Sabbath TV Tree; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Pressmen: Cavern Kids 4
Pretenders: Paul McCartney
Pretty Flowers: Creation
Pretty Things: Kinks, Stones and Pretties
Primal Scream: Creation
Primitives: Velvet Underground
Procul Harum: Procol, Traffic, Family; Clapton Newer
Profiles: Cavern Kids 3
Psycho Motel: Iron Maiden
Public Image Ltd: Children of the Revolution; Flowers of Romance
Pud: Feats, Doobies, Dans
Punch n Judy: Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack
Pure Garbage: Smouldering in the Bowery
Pyramid: Fairport Convention (Later)

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