Jocky Wilson Says

Sad to hear of the passing of darts legend Jockie Wilson at the early age of 62.

But what does this have to do with music, you may ask? Those familiar with the British pop show Top of the Pops know the answer.

In 1982 Dexy’s Midnight Runners were in the charts with their big hit ‘Jackie Wilson Says’. Darts was huge on TV at the time, and Jocky Wilson a household name. And who was Jackie Wilson? Not known at the BBC. The stage was set, literally, for some accidental comedy. Look out for the big black and white picture of an angelic, smiling, darts genius.

Even More Rock Family Trees Auto Review

We were very pleased to receive a Google Alert pointing us to a new review of Pete’s fabulous Even More Rock Family Trees. Here it is:

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Machine-written reviewing still needs some work, it seems. But funnily enough, my neighbour did buy one as well, and he also found it very durable too. Get yours here:

The Sound of the Trees

With the temperature beginning to stir it is about time to end this blogging hibernation. And what better way than to trace some wonderful classics as they appear in Trees through the ages. Lets start with that gritty classic, Midnight Special. I’m always a sucker for a song where a new line starts just when you think the singer should be taking a breath, and this is one of the best.

Leadbelly got there early on:

And Odetta sings it how it should be:

So, who in the Trees has done justice to the song?

Not, in my humble opinion, the otherwise fab Spencer Davis Group:

And here is a short take from Journey, who happen to get a whole Tree just to themselves:

Then there’s Ken Colyer’s skiffle version with Alexis Korner:

Luckily we have Van Morrison, to bring it all back home. There’s hope after all:

And if you haven’t had enough yet, here’s Van, with Lonnie and Chris Barber, in a skiffle revival version of 2007.

Creation Records TV Fest and Rock Family Tree

Upside down

Not so long ago we drew your attention to the new Creation Records film, Upside Down. Well, you can see it on BBC4 tonight at 9.00 pm and if you like it, stay tuned for Creation at the BBC, archive footage of Creation bands, and if that isn’t enough, a documentary of Alan McGee (proud owner, by the way, of number 1 in the limited edition of the Creation Records fine art print. Which, of course, appears in Pete’s new Even More Rock Family Trees).

Tony Bramwell and Rock Family Trees

beatles photo

Here is Tony Bramwell, perhaps the world’s leading expert on the Beatles, checking out one of the Cavern Kids Rock Family Trees. Find any mistakes, Tony?

The prints were on their way to the Rock Family Trees exhibition at the Wilfred Owen Story. All good things come to an end, and the exhibition has now closed. Our warm thanks to Dean Johnson for hosting us, and we looking forward to hearing more about the gallery in the future.

Tony was snapped by Sally Ronchetti, who also made this wonderful video of the exhibition:

Upside Down: The Story of Creation Records


Have you got your copy of the soundtrack to the movie yet? Just downloaded mine and am listening to Slowdive as I type. Fabulous stuff.

Here’s where to get it (in the UK anyway).

And here’s a movie trailer, with reviews and other special features.

And here’s the movie itself. One to keep.

And even better still, here is the Pete Frame Creation Records Rock Family Tree. Limited edition fine art print, as owned by Alan McGee himself. We kid you not.

Heroes of the Trees Part Three: Strange Brew

Not a Cream tribute band, but in their brief flicker of life for a few months (how many, Pete?) in 1975, they managed to link up Humble Pie, Rainbow, Cozy Powell’s Hammer, and Steve Marriot’s All-Stars, appearing in four trees: Faces … All Shapes and Sizes 1966-1979, Rainbow, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Uriah Heep, Colosseum, Thin Lizzy.

Despite the impressive track record of its members – Cozy Powell, Clem (Dave) Clempson and Greg Ridley – the band itself is so obscure it has no individual Wikipedia entry, no sign of a recording, and nothing on Youtube. Did Pete make it all up?

Here’s the best we can do: what is said to be a practice session with Clem Clempson on guitar (anyone recognise his hands?) Cozy Powell on drums, and unidentified others on bass and electric piano. Who’s bedroom are they practicing in?

And not to leave Greg Ridley out, here he is with a great Spooky Tooth number:

There’s Trees in Them There Trees

Soho Square Trees

A bit of history here. Some snaps from a sunny day (well, by British standards) in 1998 when Pete’s More Rock Family Trees was published, and the publisher decided to celebrate by decorating Soho Square with some Trees. Well that how we always celebrate special occasions. Don’t you? <br

The good citizens in the top picture are poring over The Folk Music Revolution in Greenwich Village. You can try to replicate the experience here.


Get your own copy here!