Tony Bramwell and Rock Family Trees

beatles photo

Here is Tony Bramwell, perhaps the world’s leading expert on the Beatles, checking out one of the Cavern Kids Rock Family Trees. Find any mistakes, Tony?

The prints were on their way to the Rock Family Trees exhibition at the Wilfred Owen Story. All good things come to an end, and the exhibition has now closed. Our warm thanks to Dean Johnson for hosting us, and we looking forward to hearing more about the gallery in the future.

Tony was snapped by Sally Ronchetti, who also made this wonderful video of the exhibition:

She’s A Woman

My love don’t give me presents

She knows that I’m no peasant

Not the best known of Beatles songs, although these opening lines must surely be among the worst ever written. They are memorable for me, though, as She’s A Woman was the first pop song I learnt to play. My friend Chris Oliver strummed the chords and I tried to pick out the melody on our acoustic guitars in Chris’s bedroom in Chatham in 1971. We had the Beatles and Stones songbooks, and Chris’s dad helped us find the easiest songs to play. From the Stones we chose Ruby Tuesday.

We learnt some more songs too. All Right Now. Ballroom Blitz. Jumping Jack Flash, and teamed up with a ten year old drum prodigy, to form a band called OWL – also known as Oliver, Wolff and Letley, a name which had, at least, a familiar rhythm to it. Matthew Letley, a brilliant drummer even then, is now with Status Quo. Don’t know what happened to Chris Oliver. And me? I’m Jo Wolff, Professor of Philosophy at UCL, and one of Ben Boilerhouse’s three brothers. I’ll be posting the occasional blog.

But to correct to the impression given by the Beatles lyric, my love does give me presents. Most recently a fabulous Rock Family Tree print, number 01/100 of a new release. Johnnie Allan’s The Promised Land, one of the first graphics Pete did in the Family Tree style. Not a tree exactly, but a map of the US illuminating Johnnie Allen’s zydeco version of the Chuck Berry song, also performed by Elvis. But Johnnie Allen’s is the one I always want to listen to.