Creation: Heroes of the Trees Part One

The new Browse By Band feature allows us to introduce a new category of band: the Heroes of the Trees. These are bands who may not be hugely well-known but appear in more than one tree and thereby make unexpected connections. The first of our heroes is Creation, who appear in both the Cavern Kids 2 tree and Kinks, Stones, Pretties tree, thereby joining up the Liverpool and London scenes of the 60s by means of bass player Bob Garner, and then, later on, guitarist Ron Wood.
creation1Creation 2

As we have had cause to note before, Creation produced songs in two very different styles: first sounding like early Kinks/Who and then later, with Bob Garner on vocals, recording songs with a much more psychedelic feel. One of their singles in this style – If I Stay Too Long – might be one of the most unfairly neglected numbers of the 60s.

Our Music Is Red - With Purple Flashes - The Creation
Our Music Is Red – With Purple Flashes – The Creation