Ths month marks 30 years – thirty years! – since the launch of  Bow Wow Wow – the Malcolm McLaren managed,  Annabella luWin fronted harbringers of a new cassette tape only release revolution. Well the cassette only revolution idea was given up after two releases and Adam Ant made more hay than they –  out of the patented Burundi beat.

But Annabella herself went on to say this, later.

The whole scene from which the BWW’s sprang – a warped weave of British pop odballs, including gun brandishing Dandy Highwayman Stuart Antman Goddard  and  His Ants (not his Aunts. Now there’s a thought…”), Siouxsie with the eye make up like LIzaMinnelli and the , oh look here’s some frightfull armbands the Nazi’s used to wear  too – and The Banshees.


And the perrenially great Wire and The  Art Attacks – the latter featuring incalcuably hugely influential, future Sounds writer/illustrator Edwin Pouncey/Savage Pencil.


S’all captured in Pete’s March 1981 Tree , The Art School Dance Goes On Forever.

I wouldn’t know.

Never went to Art School.


The Bow Wow Wow corner of the Art School Dance
The Bow Wow Wow corner of the Art School Dance

Whatever became of  “Lester Square” (synth /guitar in the 3rd Monochrome Set) , I wonder?