King Crimson and Roxy Music: Fight, fight, fight, fight …

September 1972. Your older brother, back from college, is showing off his record collection to his old school friends. Listening very intently they all agree: King Crimson’s In the Court of the Crimson King is still unsurpassed, even though it is a couple of years old now.


Downstairs your little sister is watching Top of the Pops, drooling over Bryan Ferry, singing Virginia Plain.

You scoff at the makeup, the odd vocals and Brian Eno’s hair, ridiculous even by 1972 standards. You question how there can be a pop band containing two Bryan/Brians. But though you try to resist, still the song gets under your skin.

Later at supper your brother and sister have a heated debate. He sneers, ‘Yeah, you might think they’re good now, but who do you think people will still be listening to in 2010?’.

Bryan Ferry on Roxy 1

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