Pete Frame and Peter Anderson Exhibition: The Elgin November 13th-18th


The event you’ve been waiting for. We’ve joined up with fantastic rock photographer Peter Anderson and the legendary pub and music venue The Elgin, in London’s Ladbroke Grove to create an exhibition of Pete Frame’s Rock Family Trees fine art prints and posters and Peter Anderson’s rock photographs. If you’ve been wondering what they look like in real life, or what to put on your Xmas list, come and take a look. You won’t be disappointed, we’re sure of it.

The exhibition opens on the afternoon of Saturday 13th November at 3.00 pm, with a private view and drinks, from 6.00-8.00, upstairs at the Elgin, 96 Ladbroke Grove. Places are limited for the private view: if you’d like an invite, get in touch before the places all go.. You can also book a table for dinner downstairs, where from 8.30 onwards there will be music from John Moore, Grace Banks, Marianne Hyatt and Will Nott.

The exhibition continues in the afternoon of Sunday 14th and is open again on Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th. Put it in your diary now. More details soon.


These are exciting times for The Family Of Rock, there’s no point trying to hide it.

Wednesday 18th November now THAT is a date for the diary.

The final of The Rock Family Trees Quiz at The Elgin, Ladbroke Grove, W11.

Where its all happening, Rockers. And Rollers too, baby.
Where its all happening, Rockers. And Rollers too, baby.

The Final, ladies and gentlemen,The Final of the ONLY quiz based on Pete Frame’s Rock Family Trees.

Winning teams from the 3 heats held last week at Geronimo Pubs in NW5 (Lord Palmerston) E3 (The Crown) and W12 (The Eagle) will meet to compete against local teams including The Elgin Eggheads (a conclave of the music industry’s most knowledgeable brains AND Eddie Floyd’s recent guitarist)

There’ll  be other teams there too – get one together yourself. Join in the fun.

Anyone, in fact, who can rustle a team together and  fancies their chances of being among the first ever people to win the ultimate passport to Rock N Roll Heaven – A Rock Family Tree Art Print – is URGED to attend.

Nominally valued at £250 plus VAT – but, in reality, priceless – the limited edition print is just a part of the prize for the winning team – it also includes a £250 Bar Tab .

For runners up there’s similarly lovely money incentives and goodies from FRock Geronimo Fun House that will have your eyes a-poppin’. And watering.

The quiz is free to enter the questions, compiled from Pete Frames’s Family Trees, are being written by the unbribable Gavin Martin and fearsome Eugene Manzi. There’ll be great food and drink too though neither food or drink will be free, unless you can sweet talk we.

Live music will also be heard from bands including The Wutars, Country Dirt and GaleLee.

Cuntree Dirt maybe that should be?  Cuntree Dirt featuring Marianne Hyatt.

Marianne being just ONE of the marvellous contributors waiting in the wings with their piece  primed and ready to hit the FRock blog once the Quiz is over.

In Texan Marianne’s blog we’ll hear about a Motown education she had to come to London to receive.

In  70s Suffolk gal and 21st century legend Suzanne Moore’s blog we’ll hear about showdown with Black Sabbath on a hill overlooking London in 1972.

IN Drummer John Sussewell’s Questionnaire describes a musical odyssey from Brooklyn to Billy Cobham. From 60s dreams to a lifetime of reality of making the music he dreamed of.

It was John’s turning up in the Facebook Group Do You Know Who Pete Frame Is? that inspired the family of rock questionnaire many more of which will feature   on the website in the months ahead. And there’ll be contributions and observations from  Dylan Howe, The Rotten Hill Gang and Maria Gallagher, Chris Salewicz, Suggs, Bono, Jon Tiven, David Hood and a host of the genii, the atoms and chromosomes that make up this Family of Rock.

Excitement reigns.

See you at The Elgin.