The Folk Music Revolution in Greenwich Village 1940-1968

More Rock Family Trees

Print and poster prices and further information available here. An unusual tree that needs special attention!!



The tree includes
The Kentuckians
The Tarriers
The Almanac Singers
New Lost City Ramblers
Dave Van Ronk’s Ragtime Jug Stompers
Greenbriar Boys
The Weavers
The Even Dozen Jug Band
New Strangers
Holy Modal Rounders
Jim Krewskin’s Jug Band
Dave Guard & the Calypsonians
Cumberland 3Art & Paul
Levon & The Hawks
The Flying Machine
The Virgin Islands The Mitchell Trio
The Jet Set
Al Kooper
Dian and The Greenbriar Boys
Halifax Three Plus One
Knoblick Upper 10,000
The Wilcox 3
New Christy Minstrels
Barry & Barry
The City
New Journeymen
Mamas & Papas
Kris Kristofferson
The Byrds
The Association
The First Edition
The Band
Blood Sweat & Tears
The Lovin’ Spoonful
Modern Folk Quartet
The Mugwumps
The King’s Men
Chad Mitchell Trio
The Blues Project
Dry City Scat Band
John & Zal
The Sellouts
Ethan & David
The Good Old Boys
Peter Paul & Mary
Whiskeyville Singers
The Randy Sparks ThreeRonnie Hawkins & The Hawks
Bob Dylan
Tom Jones & The Trolls
Danny Kalb Quartet
Rooftop Singers
The Big Three
Geoff & Maria Muldar
Kingston Trio
Simon & Garfunkel
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
The Aristocats
The King Bees
The Abstracts



Print and poster prices and further information available here.

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